Our whiskey list changes almost daily, selections being added and removed based on availability. However, we strive to keep it updated as best we can. If you are interested in a particular whiskey, please call in advance to confirm availability.



Abraham Bowman Double Barrel  100 proof
Angel's Envy  86.6 proof
Angel's Envy Bourbon/Morganelli's Limited Edition  86.6 proof
Baker's 7yr  107 proof
Basil Hayden's  80 proof
Belle Meade  90.4 proof
Bib & Tucker Small Batch 92 proof
Big Bottom "Small Batch" 91 proof   Hillsboro, OR
Big Bottom Port Cask  91 proof  Hillsboro, OR
Big Bottom Zinfandel Cask  91 proof  Hillsboro, OR
Bird Dog  80 proof
Blanton's "Single Barrel"  93 proof
Booker's 25th 10yr 130.8 proof (the LAST bourbon made by Booker)
Booker's 7yr  130.6 proof
Breckinridge "Special Release"  86 proof  Breckinridge, CO
Buffalo Trace  90 proof
Bulleit 10 Yr  91.2 proof
Bulleit Frontier Whiskey  90 proof
Col EH Taylor Barrel Proof
Col EH Taylor Single Barrel
Col EH Taylor Small Batch  100 proof  Bottled in Bond
Eagle Rare 10yr  90 proof
Early Times 354  80 proof  (LIMITED Supply - discontinued)
Elijah Craig 12yr  94 proof
Elijah Craig 18yr  90 proof
Elijah Craig 21yr  90 proof
Elmer T Lee "Single Barrel" 90 proof
Evan Williams 1783  86 proof
Evan Williams Single Barrel  86.6
Four Roses Single Barrel  100 proof
Four Roses Small Batch  90 proof
George T Stagg 128.2 proof  Uncut/Unfiltered
Henry McKenna 10 yr Single Barrel 100 proof Bottled in Bond
High West American Prairie Reserve  92 proof
High West Son of Bourye  92 proof
Hirsch Selection 20yr Special Reserve  96 proof
J. R. Ewing  4yr  80 proof   For our "Dallas" fans..RIP Larry Hagman
Jefferson's CHEF Collaboration - Edward Lee  Bourbon/Rye  92 proof
Jefferson's Ocean "Aged at Sea"  90 proof
Jefferson's Presidential Select 18yr  "Stitzel-Weller"  94 proof
Jefferson's Presidential Select 25yr  90.4 proof
Jefferson's Presidential Select Rye 21yr  90.4 proof
Jefferson's Reserve  90.2 proof
Jim Beam "Signature Craft" 12yr  86 proof
Jim Beam "Signature Craft" Quarter Cask 3rd Release 86 proof
Jim Beam "signature Craft" Spanish Brandy Cask  86 proof
Jim Beam BLACK 8yr  86 proof
Jim Beam Single Barrel (4-109) 95 proof
Knob Creek 9yr  100 proof
Knob Creek Single Barrel  9yr  120 proof
Knob Creek Smoked Maple Small Batch  90 proof
Koval Bourbon  94 proof
Larceny  92 proof
Lexington  86 proof
Maker's Mark  90 proof
Maker's Mark 46  94 proof
Medley Bros  102 proof
Michter's 10yr Single Barrel (14A24) 94.4 proof
Michter's American Whiskey  83.4 proof
Michter's Bourbon  91.4 proof
Michter's Sour Mash  86 proof
Michter's Toasted Barrel Finish  91.4 proof
Noah's Mill  114.3 proof
Old Forester "Signature" 100 proof
Old Forester 86 proof
Old Forester Birthday 2013  98 proof
Old Forester Birthday 2014 97 proof
Old Forester Single Barrel  90 proof
Old Grand-Dad 114 proof
Old Medley 12yr  86.8
Orphan Barrel "Barterhouse" 20yr  90.2 proof
Orphan Barrel "Old Blowhard" 26yr 90.7 proof
Orphan Barrel "Rhetoric" 20yr  90 proof
Parker's Heritage  10yr Single Barrel  96 proof
Penny Packer  80 proof  Made in KY, bottled in Germany…?
Prichard's Double Barrel  90 proof
Rebel Yell  80 proof
Rebellion  94 proof
Reservoir  100 proof   Richmond, VA
Ridgemont Reserve 1792   93.7 proof
Rowan Creek  100 proof
Russell's Reserve 10yr  90 proof
Russell's Reserve Single Barrel  110 proof
Smooth Ambler Contradiction  100 proof
Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10 Yr  100 proof
Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7yr   99 proof
Smooth Ambler Yearling
Stagg Jr  134.4  proof
Tin Cup 84 proof   Denver, CO, by way of Indiana
Town Branch   80 proof
Wild Turkey "Diamond Anniversary" 91 proof
Wild Turkey "Forgiven" Bourbon/Rye  91 proof
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit  Barrel 92   101 proof
Wild Turkey Rare Breed (6-12yr Barrel Strength)  112.8 proof
William Larue Weller "Barrel Proof"  136.2
WL Weller "Special Antique 107"  107 proof
WL Weller Special Reserve 90
Woodford Reserve   90.4 proof
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked  90.4 proof



(ri)1 Rye  92 proof
77 Whiskey Rye
Angel's Envy Rye - Caribbean Rum Cask Finished 100 proof
Bulleit Rye  90 proof
Col EH Taylor Rye  100 proof
High West "A Midwinter Nights Dram" 98.6 proof
High West Double Rye  92 proof
High West Rendezvous Rye  92 proof
Knob Creek Rye  100 proof
Koval Rye  80 proof
Koval White Rye  80 proof
Masterson's 10yr  90 proof
Michter's Rye  84.8 proof
Rittenhouse Rye
Russell's Reserve Small Batch Rye  90 proof
Sazerac Rye
Sazerac Straight Rye 18yr
Smooth Ambler Old Scout Rye
Templeton Rye
Thomas Handy Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey
Whistlepig 10yr Rye
Willett Straight Rye 110 proof



Collier and McKeel  86 proof
Gentleman Jack  80 proof
George Dickel Barrel Select  86 proof
George Dickel No 1 White  91 proof
George Dickel No 12  90 proof
George Dickel No 8  80 proof
George Dickel Rye  90 proof
Jack Daniels "Holiday Select" 2013  98 proof
Jack Daniels "Sinatra Select" 90 proof
Jack Daniels No 7  80 proof
Jack Daniels Single Barrel (13-6933)  94 proof



77 Whiskey Wheat
Bastille "1789"  Angoulene, France   80 proof
Bernheim Wheat  90 proof
Canadian Club "Small Batch" 12yr Canadian Whiskey  80 proof
Chattanooga Whiskey Co "Cask"
Chattanooga Whiskey Co "Reserve"
Clyde Mays "Conecuh Ridge" Alabama Style Whiskey  85 proof
Compass Box "Hedonism" Scotch Whisky
Compass Box "Peat Monster" Scotch Whisky
Crown Royal Reserve Blended Canadian Whiskey  80 proof
Dalwhinnie 15yr Highland Scotch  86 proof
Dark Corner Journeyman Reserve Corn Whiskey  125 proof
Dark Corner Peach Corn Whiskey
High West Campfire   Rye/Bourbon/Scotch  92 proof
Hochstadtler's "Slow and Low" Rye with Honey and Orange  84 proof
Jameson "Black Barrel" Blended Irish Whiskey  80 proof
Johnny Walker Blue Blended Scotch Whisky  86 proof
Johnny Walker Platinum Blended Scotch Whisky  86 proof
Koval Four Grain  94 proof
Koval Millet  80 proof
Koval Oat  80 proof
Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch Whisky  86 proof
Reservoir Wheat
Six & Twenty Black Label
Six & Twenty White Label
Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey 94 proof
William Wolf Pecan Bourbon  60 proof  Bottled in Holland…of course
Woodford Reserve Classic Malt
Woodford Reserve Straight Malt
Woodstock "After Dark" Chocolate Bourbon